cropped-dscn0003.jpgMy name is Elena Burnett. I may or may not have created this site just to meet Michelle Obama. But either way, I’m stoked that you’re here.

I’m pretty sure I’ve always been in love with history. My favorite holiday for as long as I can remember was Fourth of July because of the history behind it. Above, you’ll find a photo of me celebrating by dressing up like a firecracker. You’re welcome.

When my parents would take me to the public library during summer, I would pick up a collection of Peanuts comics, a book about dogs, and some kind of history book.

I was also that annoying kid who brought a notebook along to field trips to write every little thing down that I found interesting. Which was everything.

So I followed my ever-growing curiosity to create this blog and to share the stories of some fascinating women I’ve discovered along the way. My dream among dreams (besides meeting Michelle) is to write historical nonfiction, specifically, to tell the tales of the incredible women you’ll read about on this site. However, there are so many stories to tell and I am just one tiny person so I’ll settle for sharing as much of their stories as I can with you.

But I don’t want to sound like a stuffy historian or drone on like everyone’s least favorite high school teacher. So be prepared for the occasional geek out. Be prepared for some lame history jokes. Be prepared for a sober yet still lively, blog-version of “Drunk History.” I’m just a twenty-one-year-old with an alarming love for history who wants you to have just as much fun as I do.

And if Michelle Obama happens to find this site along the way, that will just be a cherry on top.