Frequent Fascinations: April 2018

Well, yet another month has whizzed on by…I can’t believe tomorrow is May. It seems like I barely had time to be obsessed by anything other than sleep. Nonetheless, I have five wonderful picks that kept me sane this month. If you want to catch up on my previous frequent fascinations, you can find last month’s here and my lifetime favorites here.

Buzzfeed Unsolved

Image Credit: Tube Filter

So I have a crazy story about this.

First off, you guys know from my posts about Millicent Patrick and Frances Glessner Lee that I do not like scary things. When everybody else was watching “American Horror Story,” I was watching “Glee.” I just start thinking about things too much and then I can’t sleep. However, I also have this thing where I have to know everything so that my mind doesn’t begin to imagine horrible things. So I tend to start reading about horrible cases of true crime and horribly regretting it. It’s horrible.

All that to say, I never thought I would be obsessed with a YouTube series about ghosts and murderers and things that go bump in the middle of the night.

However, my curiosity was peaked when a couple friends and I saw Shane and Ryan from “Buzzfeed Unsolved” ON THE STREETS IN SAVANNAH A MONTH AGO.

Image Credit: Twitter

I didn’t know who they were but my friend literally stopped dead in the middle of the street and decided to follow them around. We never met them but, for one hour of my life, I spent my time helping to track them down.

Another quick side note: Savannah is one of the most haunted cities in the nation. Every single restaurant or hotel here built over thirty years ago has a story. Hell, even my freshman year dorm had a ghost (I’ll share more about that at a later time). As a distant relative of William Tecumseh Sherman, I was skeptical about going to college here, literally noting once “I’m worried the Confederate ghosts will sense my lineage and enact their revenge.” Granted, Sherman spared Savannah but I don’t know what kind of fine lines that crosses in the supernatural justice system.

Anyhoo, after seeing Shane and Ryan, I was curious about what haunted place in town they were investigating so I started doing some research on them and watching a couple of their videos and ended up watching every single episode and becoming completely obsessed.

The show is so wonderfully crafted because there is a significant amount of historical research included in each story, which I obviously appreciate. But what really helps my pathetic wimpy butt is the humor. The dynamic between the skeptical Shane and the enthusiastic Ryan creates some of the funniest banter I have ever encountered.

The episode in Savannah has yet to air but I am beyond stoked to see the story that started this all.

Image Credit: Know Your Meme

Bob dylan

I have been listening to Bob Dylan’s music like crazy the past several weeks. I never really found myself listening to him too much before but, after reading Richard F. Thomas’ “Why Bob Dylan Matters” and having the wonderful opportunity to hear him talk at the Savannah Book Festival, I have been incredibly intrigued by his lyrics. His songs have certainly made my consecutive hours of work much more enjoyable.

Image Credit: Pitchfork

Friday Night Lights

On the occasions that I don’t want to be spooked or freaked out by “Buzzfeed Unsolved,” I have found myself turning to “Friday Night Lights,” which was just released on Hulu. I’ve been going through football withdrawal and so the show has provided a temporary fix. However, I have become wrapped up in the well-written storyline and brilliant acting and can completely understand its immense appeal when it was on the air.

Image Credit: Variety

sea turtles & The Last Straw Movement

Image Credit: Georgia Sea Turtle Center

I know, it seems a bit weird as an obsession, but a couple weekends ago, a couple friends and I took a trip to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on the beautiful Jekyll Island. The center provides rehabilitation for injured sea turtles and releases them once they are restored back to health. A lot of the information I heard echoed my support of the Last Straw movement. If you aren’t familiar, please check out their website. We had such a great time at the center that we symbolically adopted one of their straggler hatchlings named Carlin on behalf of our newspaper.

Image Credit: Expedia

stuff you missed in history class

I’ve always loved this podcast about the weird and wacky bits of history that are often overlooked but, this month, it has been particularly helpful in keeping me sane. Whenever I need a little bit of a break, I love listening to a new episode and going for a walk around downtown Savannah. The hosts, Holly Frey and Tracy Wilson, are incredibly talented and dedicated and have provided a lot of inspiration for what I want this site to be eventually. Their commentary always makes me chuckle and I come away from each episode learning something completely new.

Image Credit: Atlanta Magazine


And, obviously, if you read my Beryl de Zoete post, you know that I am all geared up for Dancing with the Stars tonight…but I’ll save that for next month. In the meantime, have a great May and thanks for reading!

xo Elena